Family Yearbooks

  • Family Yearbooks
  • Family Yearbooks

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Family Yearbooks give your photos a PURPOSE and document your family's story. In this course you will learn a simple method for creating a beautiful, keepsake album in just a few hours- no fancy design skills required!

What will you receive?

- 4 simple, self-paced lessons with video tutorials (1.5 total hours of video instruction)

- exclusive Family Yearbook templates, including pre-filled World 'Year in Review' pages for 2019 + 2020 + 2021 + 2022 (coming soon)

- a bonus Legacy Album Mini Course with templates and video instruction to show you how to create a special keepsake album for yourself or a loved one

- replays of 12 Live Events covering a variety of photo-related topics

- any future course updates (access does not expire)

- an exclusive discount code to order your finished book!